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Soon afterwards, while Stefan and Katherine were having sex, she reveals to him that she is a vampire.He is not accepting of this and appears to be very frightened of her.She secretly watched over him while running from Klaus.Katherine was unwilling to put her love for Stefan above her own survival and when she returned, they became enemies, as Katherine wanted to deliver Elena to Klaus in exchange for her freedom and Stefan was in a relationship with her at the time.Stefan and Damon tried to save her, unknowing that she had a plan to escape.While carrying her out of the carriage the vampires were trapped in, they are both shot, having Katherine's blood in their system.Katherine, not wanting to lose his love, takes his fear away through compulsion. On the night that Katherine was taken away during the round up of the 27 vampires, the last person she was with had been Stefan.Giuseppe spiked his drink with vervain, which poisoned Katherine when she fed on him.

Katherine spotted him & since then she changed her plans.

Dead Man on Campus marked the formation of a positive relationship between Katherine and Stefan.

Katherine helped Stefan deal with his traumatism from being locked away and repeatedly drowned to death by Silas for three months, and then he saved her from killing herself by catching her as she was about to hit the ground after jumping from the top of a clocktower.

He furthered this by going inside Katherine's head in her last moments and gave her visions of erasing her family's murder and having her hold her baby.

Stefan and Katherine may be a part of The Doppelgänger Prophecy.

Stefan turns to Katherine, and in his last few moments alive, she says "I love you, Stefan." He then dies.

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